Division Representatives

There are four divisional representatives - one for Division 1 (K-3), one for Division 2 (4-6), one for Division 3 (7-9) and one for Division 4 (10-12); one non-school-based representative (for those who work in non-school-based settings) and one principal representative that you elect to serve on the Executive Committee.

Each of these representatives is available to meet with the members of their division to hear from them on general topics - share experiences, hear concerns, request information, network, etc. 

You can connect with your representative via email below.

If your concern is specific to you or your school/colleagues, please contact Catherine LeBlanc, Executive Staff Officer, in the Local's office.

Division I Representative

Trish Mosby



Division II Representative

Adam Dickau



Division III Representative

Deanna Simmons



Division IV Representative

Jennifer Bredo



Principal Representative

Christina Jones



Non School-Based Representative

Richard Svekla