2017 Edmonton Public School Board Trustee Elections

Election Day: October 16, 2017 

October 16th is election day in the City of Edmonton.

Use the City of Edmonton Where to Vote tool to find out what Ward you are in and where to vote! City-wide forums for all positions are also posted on the City's website.

The Local's Political Engagement Committee asked candidates to answer seven questions relevant to Public Education:

  1. What is the role of a Public School Board Trustee?
  2. What do you see as the main issues facing public education today? Of these which is your priority? How will you address that priority?
  3. Do you believe that education in Alberta is adequately funded? If you answered “no”, what will you do to advocate for more educational funding?
  4. What will you do to support the success of FNMI students from K - 12? Please indicate goals and objectives, and also action steps.
  5. What is the appropriate level of government funding for private schools? (For comparison, funding of private schools in Canada ranges from 0% in Ontario, to 70% in Alberta.)
  6. Do you support the right of students to keep their sexual orientation or gender identity as private information (information that can be shared by teachers only with express consent of the student)?
  7. Do you support inclusion in the classroom? If so, what supports would you consider necessary to make inclusion successful?

Click on the candidate's name to view their response. 

Ward A
Ahmed Knowmadic Ali
Perry Chahal
Thomas Deak
James Gault - no response received
Cheryl Johner - no response received
George Chung Yan Lam - no response received
Joseph Luri

Ward B
Michelle Draper (acclaimed)

Ward C
Orville Chubb - response received Sept. 27/17
Shelagh Dunn
Jon Hoffman - no response received
Kurt Kronebusch

Ward D
Jeff Behrens
Trisha Estabrooks
Kevin O'Connor
Tamie Perryment

Ward E
Sam Filice
Ken Gibson
Chris Hurley - no response received

Ward F
Michael Janz
Yemi Philip

Ward G
Tyler Duce - no response received
Bridget Stirling

Ward H
Neda Asadi
Nathan Ip - no response received

Ward I
Sherry Adams
Sajida Asghar - no response received
Saira Wagner