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I'm a new teacher with Edmonton Public...

What is the Local?

The Edmonton Public Teachers, Local No. 37 of the Alberta Teachers’ Association (the Local), promotes and supports the professional practice, serves as an advocate, and furthers the aims and professional interests of its members and the Alberta Teachers’ Association. The Local, in addition to serving as the bargaining group for Edmonton Public teachers, offers a number of professional development opportunities and social networking events for its members throughout the school year. 

The Local office consists of the President (elected), one full-time Executive staff member, and three administrative staff. Members requiring assistance with Collective Agreement interpretation should contact Executive Staff Officer, Catherine LeBlanc at the Local office (Phone: 780‑455-2164; Fax: 780-453-1407; E-mail: If corresponding via e-mail, please ensure that a contact telephone number is included. Issues of a very confidential nature will not be answered via e-mail; therefore, one of the staff members will contact you by telephone using the number you provide. Remember, school computers are not private; members should use personal technology and e-mail when corresponding with the Local.

Where can I access the current Collective Agreement and Salary Grid?

The current Collective Agreement and Mediated Settlement can be found on the ATA's website. The salary grid is available on the Local's website under Bargaining.

What are my rights, responsibilities and legal liabilities as a teacher?

Teachers are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct. The ATA has developed a monograph to help teachers with their rights, responsibilities and legal liabilities. To access a copy of the monograph visit the ATA website.

How do I obtain my TQS (Teaching Qualification Service) evaluation?

The Teacher Qualifications Service (TQS) is the agency in Alberta responsible for evaluating a teacher’s years of education for salary purposes. Need help applying? Don’t know where to start? Visit the ATA website.

Remember, you must supply a copy of your TQS evaluation to the Board (EPSB).  

Where do I go for questions regarding my benefit plan or my health spending account?

The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) is our benefit provider. The Collective Agreement outlines the plan numbers. Login to see your plan coverage on the ASEBP website.   

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