Political Engagement - You make change happen!

When We Fight: A Story of LA Teachers - March 10, 2024

Join the Political Engagement for a screening of When We Fight: A Story of LA Teachers. In the second largest school district in the United States, 98% of teachers vote to authorize a strike. Watch as one of the largest educator strikes in modern U.S. history unfolds in real-time, highlighting the stories and leadership of some of the women who led it, from union leaders to classroom teachers. From strike vote to contract vote, When We Fight goes behind the picket lines, documenting how and why teachers strike. Tickets are $5. Sign up through Eventbrite HERE.

Pie & Politics - March 14, 2024 (Pi Day)

Join us for Pie & Politics on Pi Day as we get together to discuss the topic of "How to Engage Parents and Parent Groups in Political Advocacy & How Teachers Can Help Parents in Their Advocacy" and enjoy some amazing pie! Sign up through Eventbrite HERE.

Pondering Podcasts with Ed Pub - April 22, 2024

Hold the date for the next Podcast on April 22, 2024 at 7:00 pm via Zoom. The episode to be determined. Sign up through Eventbrite HERE to get the link!

For those that missed our first "Pondering Podcasts with Ed Pub" podcast study, you can still listen to the episode here - "Have you Heard episode #155 - Teachers Speak Out." Check back for the next session!

Protecting Public Education in Alberta: Priorities for Change

In 2022-23 Edmonton Public Teachers Local 37 hosted multiple round tables and used an online Google Form to collect information from teachers, school staff, parents and community members about their concerns, expectations and priorities for a vital future for public education in Alberta. These ideas are synthesized in this Priorities For Change document. 

Consider emailing Priorities For Change document link to MLAs in your riding, and arrange to meet with them within a week for a follow up. This request for an in-person conversation is important to ensure that each MLA reads the document and understands how serious we are about the changes we need to see.

Follow up questions for the in-person meeting:
- Which of these priorities do you agree or disagree with? Why?
- What stance will you and your party take on these issues if you are elected?
- What value do you believe public education provides to broader society and what actions will you take to advocate for this?

 As teachers, we have the skills and expertise to educate others about how CRITICAL public education is. Thank you for the important work you do with students, and for helping to elevate the public discourse about the value of our public education system!

Watch President Quinn's message HERE.

The Alberta Teachers' Association (including its Locals) does not endorse political parities or candidates and maintains strict political non-alignment. The Association does encourage teachers, as citizens, to be active in politics and to consider joining a political party and working to achieve important causes.