Information on scholarships is posted closer to the deadline. For information, contact the Local's office (780-455-2164)

Edmonton Public Teachers Local No. 37 Continuing Education Scholarship

The Local offers $20,000 annually toward the Continuing Education Scholarship. The Selection Committee may opt to award one or more scholarships to members that are continuing their education in the field. Members of the Local are eligible to apply for the scholarship; however, no teacher may receive the scholarship for more than two years consecutively, and no more than $10,000 in their career. The Selection Committee shall consist of the Local Table Officers and two representatives chosen at a Council of Representatives’ meeting. The scholarship is payable to the recipient(s) upon proof of enrollment at a TQS recognized university or post-secondary institution for the current school year. Check Forms&Surveys for the most up to date guidelines and application form.

Seminar on United Nations and International Affairs (SUNIA) Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to Grade 11 students at each Edmonton Public high school. These students are acknowledged at a Council of Representatives’ meeting in the spring. Schools are contacted in March asking for their nominees.

Education Scholarships

The Local offers a Education Scholarships to children of members of the Edmonton Public Teachers Local No. 37 that are enrolled in their final year of a post-secondary program that meets the Alberta Eligibility Criteria for Post-Secondary Programs for Student Aid. The number of awards and amounts will be determined by the Council of Representatives when the budget is set. Winners will be selected by random draw. Forms and information are posted and sent to schools in mid September. You can find the form HERE.

ATA Educational Trust

The ATA Educational Trust is a unique charitable organization in that it was founded in 1978 by teachers for the professional betterment of teachers and others, who support the goals of public education. For years the Trust has provided grants and bursaries for the improvement of the teaching practice and the teaching profession in Alberta. 

Information on the Trust and how to apply for these opportunities is available on the ATA website.