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Information on Fee Deductions - September 2024
Local Update - October 2023


Local Updates - September 2022
Rally Update - October 2022


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Talking Points - In Response to Alberta Education announcement of its intention to split the ATA

Looking for talking points when discussing this topic? Click HERE to access a pdf of the ATA's response or visit their site HERE.

Worth Knowing - Updates from the provincial ATA - #WEAREATA

Worth Knowing - Teacher Discipline 

There is a new Code of Professional Conduct for all certificate holders, including teachers and teacher leaders. The new processes are complex and have short timelines. The Association is here to answer questions and ensure that teachers and teacher leaders are treated fairly and in accordance with the law and principles of natural justice. Click HERE to read more.

Worth Knowing - Check Your Pay Statement! 

The Mediator’s Recommended Terms of Settlement, ratified on June 10, 2022, included 0.5 per cent upon ratification and another 1.25 per cent on September 1, 2022. This compounds upon the 0.5 per cent received upon ratification. There will be another 2 per cent due to teachers on September 1, 2023. A teacher’s annual salary is based on years of education (as determined by the Teacher Qualifications Service) and years of experience (as determined by the teacher’s collective agreement). Click here to see your updated salary grid. Click HERE for more information.

Worth Knowing - Starting with a New School Division 

A teacher's annual salary is based on years of education (as determined by the Teacher Qualifications Service) and years of experience (as determined by the teacher's collective agreement). Teachers hired to a teaching position with a new school division are responsible for submitting proof of their experience and education in accordance with the timelines stipulated in clauses 3.3 and 3.4 of the Central Table Terms of their collective agreement. What does this mean? Click HERE for more information.

Worth Knowing - The Impact of the Mediator's Recommended Terms of Settlement on Teachers' Pay 

The Mediator's Recommended Terms of Settlement, ratified on June 10, 2022, provides for a .5% increase to teacher pay upon ratification. Click HERE to access the formula and other important information you should be aware of.

Worth Knowing - Pension Termination Benefits/Commuted Values 

While a commuted value may change from month to month, the lifetime pension payable to a plan member who does not withdraw their commuted value from the plan will remain the same. To read more, click HERE.

Worth Doing - Benefits of the RRSP 

Many of us have resolved to improve our financial hygiene in 2022. An excellent way to clean up on a large income tax return is by investing in a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP).  RRSPs are tax-deferred, which means that any money you contribute will be exempt from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) taxes the year you make the deposit. You will not be taxed until you make withdrawals. Thus, RRSPs are a great mechanism to reduce a current-year tax bill. Because tax-deferred does not mean tax-free, you will eventually have to pay taxes when you withdraw your money later in retirement. By the time you do so, your income will almost certainly be less, and your tax rate will be lower. To read more, click HERE.

Pregnancy and Accommodation in Schools 

Pregnant teachers need a safe working environment for themselves and for their babies. Click HERE to read more. Teachers who need information about their options for workplace accommodation can call Catherine in the Local’s office at 780-455-2164 or Teacher Employment Services at 1‑800‑232-7208. 

EI Maternity Benefits 

Important changes to Employment Insurance maternity benefits: Service Canada introduces a temporary waiver program for the one-week waiting period. Click HERE to learn more.