The Donations Committee reviews requests received from various charitable organizations and administers annual disbursements from the Edmonton Public Teachers' Charity Trust Fund to specific agencies. The Fund is accumulated through voluntary payroll deductions, and, in 2016, amounted to just under $200,000. If you would like to become a contributor, a form and a list of the 2019 disbursements is available here.

Greg Meeker is the Chair of the Donations Committee for 2020-2022.

WHAT is the Edmonton Public Teachers Charity Trust Fund?

It is a fund of money assembled through the voluntary charitable donations of teachers who agree to contribute 1/2 of 1% of salary (average donation is approximately $37/month) through payroll deductions.  These funds are disbursed annually under the supervision of the Local's Donations Committee.  To view the video, click HERE.

WHY participate? Donations are Income Tax deductible and receipted on T4 slips, reducing paperwork at tax time. Profiles the involvement of teachers in their community. Provides a ready response to telephone and door-to-door solicitations, “I already gave at the office”. Ensures donations go directly to the selected agencies by eliminating the administrative fee.

WHERE do our donations go? The Local’s focus is on charities that have the greatest impact on the young people we work with.  Last year, donations were made to 35 different charities screened and selected by the Donations Committee.  If you are currently a contributor, thank you.  If you would like to become a contributor, please complete and forward the form. If you would simply like more information, contact the Local office (780‑455-2164).

Agencies Application Form

The Edmonton Public Teachers' Charity Trust Fund is a fund that is built through donations by individual Edmonton Public Teachers. These funds are designed to support organizations that support Edmonton area children and their families. Click here to access the application form. Edmonton Public Teachers' Charity Trust Fund is the third largest contributor in Edmonton.

Charity Trust Fund Video

The Donations Committee recently produced a video featuring the Edmonton Public Teachers Charity Trust Fund. Please take a moment and watch the video.