The Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected by members of the Local for a one time three-year term of office. The members of the Executive include the President, Past President, two Vice Presidents (Finance and Political Engagement), one representative from each of the four Divisions, a Principal Representative, a Non School-Based Representative, Standing Committee Chairs (Communications, Economic Policy, Professional Development, Service to Members, Social and Substitute Teachers), and three provincial ATA District Representatives for Edmonton/McMurray. The Executive Staff Officer is a member of the Executive who provides advice and assistance but does not have voting privileges.

The Executive coordinates the work of all of the Local’s committees. It meets on a monthly basis and keeps the Council of School Representatives informed about the business of the Local, the provincial Association, and the membership. It is responsible for disseminating information and responding to issues and requests from the Council of School Representatives.

2017-2020 Executive Committee Members

Heather Quinn, President
Nels Olsen, Past President
Greg Meeker, Vice President, Finance
Henry Madsen, Vice President, Political Engagement
Natasha Allen, Chair, Communications Committee
Aaron Kucher, Chair, Teacher Welfare Committee
Susan Sinclair, Chair, Professional Development Committee
Tabatha Hart, Chair, Service to Members Committee
Gail Cuff, Chair, Social Committee
Tara Baycroft, Chair, Substitute Teachers' Committee
Melissa Chartier, Division I Representative
Sarah Wilson, Division II Representative
Deanna Simmons, Division III Representative
Jennifer Bredo, Division IV Representative
Christina Jones, Principal Representative
Jorgianne Talbot, Non School-Based Representative
Nancy Ball, District Representative, Edmonton/McMurray
Greg Carabine, District Representative, Edmonton/McMurray
Carmen Glossop, District Representative, Edmonton/McMurray
Catherine LeBlanc, Executive Staff Officer
Wendy O'Brien, Recording Secretary