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Teacher Welfare Committee By-Election - Representative at Large

There is an election for the Representative at Large position on the Local's Teacher Welfare Committee. 

Candidate materials are posted below. Voting will be conducted via BigPulse and will open on November 30, 2020 at 8:00 am and close on December 3, 2020 at 5:00 pm. Watch your home email for instructions!

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Andy Connelly

My name is Andy Connelly and I am running to be your Representative at Large for our Local’s Teacher Welfare Committee.

I have been passionate about education as long as I can remember. I love school and I love learning. In Social Studies I could listen to my teacher share stories endlessly and I was fortunate to have engaging and interesting teachers as a student. This led me to want to be a teacher.

I have an extensive history teaching Social Studies and Student Leadership and have been with our Local for 25 Years. I have been an Assistant Principal for 14 years with the last 9 being at Balwin School. I am a father to an amazing 9 year daughter who also loves school and learning. I have been involved with our Local’s Political Engagement Committee, been involved in Political Engagement and Teacher Welfare Bargaining Training at Summer Conference and been an Association Administrator Instructor with the Provincial ATA.

What I have learned in my time as an educator and as a father is that teachers need to feel supported in order to do their absolute best work with children. As a colleague I have dedicated myself to providing that support in, and building foundations for public education that provide teachers with the tools they need to be successful. I want what is best for teachers. When teachers have what they need, that is what is best for students, like my daughter.

It is my hope to bring my experience to our Local in the role of Representative at Large and continue to serve you.

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 Tabatha Hart

Since I first began teaching, I have been a passionate advocate for our local. My principal at the time was Karen Beaton, a three-time local 37 president. My first five years of teaching shaped me as a teacher and led me to be an active member of our local. Like many, I began as a CSR rep and then joined a few committees becoming a more active member. 

I have now chaired two committees on the local executive and have become more involved with the Alberta Teachers Association by joining GETCA. I eventually became President of GETCA, gaining excellent leadership experience and building very positive relationships with my colleagues. I have also attended many years of ARA.

I am dedicated, energetic, and best of all, full of questions. My experience in many areas of our local and provincial ATA makes me confident that I can be a lively, contributing member of the Teacher Welfare committee. I am a leader that understands the issues and the needs of our members.

I will listen to the needs of the members and stand up for what teachers need. My record exemplifies passionate, self-driven advocacy on behalf of all of us. I care about your interests and your voice. I care because I am a teacher like you! 

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Executive Committee By-Election -  Chair, Professional Development

There is an election for the Chair, Professional Development position on the Local's Executive Committee. 

Candidate materials will be posted as they become available. Voting will be conducted via BigPulse and will open on December 10, 2020 at 8:00 am and close on December 14, 2020 at 5:00 pm. Watch your home email for instructions!

Jorgianne Talbot


Gail-Ann Wilson