General Assembly

A General Assembly is a meeting open to all members of the Local or all members of the bargaining unit. A meeting of the General Assembly shall be held at least once in every school year.

Meetings of the General Assembly must be held: a) on the call of the Provincial Executive Council; or b) on the call of the President of the Local; or c) on the call of the Council of School Representatives; or d) on proposed revisions of, or additions to, the salary agreement both prior to negotiation and before final revisions of, or additions to, the contract are agreed to (BUGM); or e) within thirty (30) days of a request by petition of four hundred (400) or more members of the Local; or f) to consider proposed changes in Local fees. 

When quorum is called and found not to exist at any General Assembly, the unfinished business, excepting matters which relate to revision of or additions to the collective agreement, or to amendments to the Constitution shall thereby be referred automatically to a subsequent meeting of the Council of School Representatives which shall have the authority to deal with such business as though it were a General Assembly.

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