PD Resources for Substitute Teachers

ATA Substitute Teachers' Conference - October 22(eve)-23, 2021

The ATA is hosting the annual Substitute Teachers' Conference the evening of October 22nd and a full day October 23rd. For complete conference information and registration, visit the ATA's site HERE.

Past Presentations

Thriving as a Substitute Teacher - Jeanette Kostrosky & Nicole Andrews
How can I best position myself for a contract? - Kevin Carson
Indigenous Linguistic Diversity and Revitalization

Other great resources to have in your teacher backpack:

  • Inside Educationhttps://www.insideeducation.ca/teacher-professional-development/. An awesome opportunity where they cover the cost of the sub and your PD for the day!
  • EPSB Connecthttps://connect.epsb.ca/news/2019-20/october/yourchancetoaccessthecareerpathwayscommunitymarketplace.html. Great resources for K-12 teachers and it's free! They have a variety of speakers and presenters!
  • Project Agriculturehttps://www.projectagriculture.ca/. Great resources with a focus on grades 7-12. Topics include smart agriculture, food democracy, sustainability matters and all lessons and projects are tied to the Program of Studies across a variety of subject areas. The information is expected to grow as well as grades levels. Students can compete in projects that are posted on the website. Helps students develop critical thinking and scientific/agriculture literacy skills as well as assisting in teaching students where their food is coming from. 
  • Journey 2050journey2050.com. Great resource for grades 7-12 for teachers and students to get involved with. All lesson materials and facilitator are available to come and speak with students.
  • Classroom Agriculture Program: www.classroomagriculture.com. Great opportunity to volunteer and work with our students to support literacy and help them understand where their food is coming from.