Thinking About Retirement?

The ATA offers information on your pension plan as well as a number of workshops for those considering retirement. Click HERE to access their site.

Pre-Retirement Seminar

The provincial ATA hosts Pre-Retirement Seminars each year for members considering retirement. The date for members of the Edmonton Public Teachers Local will be in November 2022.

The ATA is hosting regional sessions. Information on upcoming sessions is available on the ATA's website HERE. Watch the website for more information. Registration information for each session is posted approximately one month prior to the session. 

Alberta Teachers' Retirement Fund (ATRF)

The Alberta Teachers' Retirement Fund (ATRF) Board is the best resource if you are considering retirement and have questions. Access the ATRF website for the most up to date information. Have other questions? Contact the Local's office (email; 780-455-2164).

Alberta Retired Teachers' Association

Don't miss out on your one-year complimentary membership with the Alberta Retired Teachers' Association (ARTA). ARTA offers a benefits program that includes health and travel coverage, as well as dental coverage for retired teachers and their families when employer benefits expire. Questions? Visit the ARTA website.

Does the Pension Cap Affect Me?

The Teachers’ Pension Plan Act regulation, proclaimed in 1995, contains a provision that dictates how the Income Tax Act (ITA) maximums are to be applied to plan member pension benefits at the time of retirement. The pension benefit paid out under the Teachers’ Pension Plan (the Plan) is governed by a formula that includes a calculation of a benefit that is based on a best five-year average salary multiplied by the plan member's years of pensionable service. The ITA places limits on how much pension can be earned in one calendar year. The cap is going to affect more and more plan members in upcoming years. By 2014, all teachers with more than four years of university education and who are receiving allowance will be affected. To view the ATA FAQ, click here.