Provincial Executive Council (PEC) Elections 2021

Voting opens March 8 @ 8 am; closes March 11 @ 5 pm

All the information you need for the upcoming elections...

Your Candidates

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Vice President (two to be elected)

Greg Carabine  Donnella Perkins Jenny Regal


District Representative - Edmonton McMurray (three to be elected)

        Nancy Ball   Darrin Bauer    Carmen Glossop   Michelle Prinsonsky


To find more about your candidates, go to the ATA’s website:

Edmonton Public Teachers belong to the district known as Edmonton McMurray


On or about February 16, online voting instructions for the 2021 PEC Election will be sent to all schools. The packages will be addressed to the attention of the school representative(s) and contain one set of voting instructions for each ATA member eligible to vote at each location. School representatives are required to distribute the instructions to each teacher on staff.

Voting instructions will be mailed to the homes of associate members, members on a leave of absence and those members at schools employing two or fewer teachers.

On the day of the mailing, the voting instructions also will be posted on the ATA website. Find out more about the 2021 PEC Election by visiting the ATA homepage at