Teacher Development Fund (TDF)

February 16, 2024

The Teacher Development Fund (TDF) is now accepting applications for PD activities from February 16th to June 30th!  

There have been some changes to the Guidelines and application process. Please ensure that you read through the Guidelines before applying!

Teacher Development Fund Guidelines

Highlights of some of the changes:

  • The two-year individual maximum is $2,800. (This is the second year of the two-year cycle and will re-set in the fall.)
  • The annual group maximum is $1,750 per group member to a total maximum of $8,750 per group. (A group is two or more members.)
  • Substitute teachers must have worked an average of two days for every month prior to the PD activity from date of activation.
  • We will not be accepting applications for activities that have occurred during the pause (September 11th through February 15th).
  • We will start accepting applications for activities in July and August on May 1st.
  •  There are no longer paper forms - we've moved to Google forms for the application and expense claim process. Links to the forms are embedded in the Guidelines document.

 Questions? Contact us in the Local office - tdf@edpub.org.


Not sure where to look for additional Professional Development Opportunities? Contact the ATA Library! They have a general list of organizations in Alberta that provide professional development opportunities for teachers.