Teacher Development Fund

The Local administers the joint Teacher Development Fund. To access information on how to apply, click HERE.

PD Grant-in-Aid

The Local offers grant-in-aid to a maximum of $300 to help defray the cost of PD which support teacher's professional development.  Grants-in-Aid are chosen by random draw in June each school year.


The Local offers scholarships to its members. To access more information on the Scholarships offered, click HERE.

Continuing Education Scholarship

The Local awards scholarships to members to complete a graduate-level degree while working as a teacher. Information was sent to decision units in mid-November. The guidelines and form can also be accessed under the Forms & Surveys tab HERE.  

Members' Benefit Fund

The Local, through the Service to Members Committee, administers a Members' Benefit Fund to provide financial assistance to members. Click HERE to access more information.

Teachers' Charity Trust Fund

The Charity Trust Fund is a fund of money assembled through the voluntary charitable donations of teachers who agree to contribute 1/2 or 1% of salary (approximately $20/month) through payroll deductions. Click HERE to find out how to participate.