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Substitute Teachers' Committee Members

The committee members for the 2024-2025 school year are:
Baiyinah Syed, Chair
Kate Cerezo
Debbie Deyell
Jan Hamilton
Christopher Powell
Michael Sookochoff
Alec Wright 

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If you are an Edmonton Public substitute teacher requiring assistance regarding your employment of the Collective Agreement, you can contact Catherine LeBlanc, the Local's Executive Staff Officer, by email or phone (780-455-2164). You can also direct inquiries and comments towards the Substitute Teachers' Committee Chair at

Are you missing out on Local notifications? If so, please email to ensure we have your home email address on file. Alternately, you can complete and return the form found HERE.

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General Meetings

Notices and meeting materials are updated when they become available.

May 9, 2024
Notice of Meeting/Agenda
February 22, 2024 Minutes

February 22, 2024
Notice of Meeting/Agenda
October 12, 2023 Minutes

October 12, 2023
Notice of Meeting/Agenda
May 11, 2023 Minutes


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Professional Resources for Substitute Teachers 

ATA Substitute Teachers' Conference

The provincial Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) hosts an annual conference for Substitute Teachers in late October. For complete conference information and registration, visit the ATA's site HERE.

Committee Resources

Work in progress. Mind the dust and check back later!

ATA Publications ATA Library Books
  • Substitute Teacher Handbook - Secondary 9-12; ISBN 1890563056
  • The Organized Teacher’s Guide to Substitute Teaching, Grades K-8; ISBN 9781260453539
  •  Substitute Teaching: Everything You Need for Success; ISBN 9781610489423
  • Substitute Teaching from A to Z; ISBN 0071496327
  •  Substitute Teaching?; ISBN 9781551383125
  • Classroom Management Guide for Substitute Teachers; ISBN 9781478707950
  • Substitute Teachers: Professional Replacements; ISBN 9781897196465

The ATA Library has an extensive selection of resources for all members. To access the ATA Library site, click HERE.

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